Services and PayPal Increase

We are a small family business, not a large company. We are one and a half people doing our very best of helping others have a magical trip to Orlando. We attempt to deliver within a 2 hour window when possible, each and every time. We state this on our website. The reason for delays include the previous delivery may have had flight or driving delays and is a distance from the last delivery to where you are staying. Accidents happen everywhere in Orlando and are unexpected. We apologize if issues happen, but we always strive to get your items to you and that is why we give you a window of time. If we offer another option for delivery it is for you as we know so many people travel from such a long distance and have been up for sometimes 24 hours. You do not have to take that option as we will still deliver as soon as possible.

We use google email. Sometimes gmail hides our messages and we have to really search for them. We do not control this but it currently is the service we use. We ask for 24 – 48 hours to respond to each and every email or Facebook message. We state this time frame on our website. Most of the time we answer in a very short period of time.

We are an honest family. We strive to do our very best. Please stop comparing us to other services as we do not have everything they do in place or sometimes we do not have the amount of people in their circle.  There are others who like to be negative towards us and we choose to live in the positive and will continue to help those that would like us to. We will never let their negativity get to us, life is too short and precious to live in that negative swamp.

Fees will be added for PayPal 2.9% of your total amount being PayPal’d as of December 1, 2018. We have taken on so many fees with higher dollar items that negate our service fee when purchases are high dollar. You can always opt to send it to us directly as a gift to avoid any additional fee on the invoice.

Travel Agents – There will be a fee increase of $5.00 from your current fee starting December 1, 2018. Please contact us with any questions.

We value the friendships we have made and LOVE meeting each person when we can. This is the MOST ENJOYABLE part of this business for me. Being a retired social worker, I love people and I am so appreciative for all of your support, more than I can ever say!

Beth (& Tim)

New Charity Gift Basket

New Gift Basket for Charity! All profits (including our $20.00 service fee) will go directly to the WDW Radio Make-A-Wish Dream Team running team. Basket is $30.00. This includes a bag of popcorn, autograph book, a pin to trade. Other items that can be added for an additional cost include a Disney rice krispie, bag of snacks like pretzels, keyring, or anything else you would like to add! #FairytalePersonalShopper #WDWRadio #MakeAWish #runDisney

2018 USPS Ship By Dates for the Holidays

USPS Domestic Packages

 Service Last day to ship
USPS Priority Mail Express Saturday, Dec. 22nd
USPS Priority Mail Thursday, Dec. 20th
USPS First Class Mail Thursday, Dec 20th
USPS Retail Ground Friday, Dec 14th


USPS Military Mail (APO/FPO/DPO)

Military Mail Destination Priority Mail Express First-Class Mail (Letters/Cards) Priority Mail Retail Ground
AE ZIPs 090-092 Dec. 18th Dec. 11th Dec. 11th Nov. 6th
AE ZIP 093 N/A Dec. 4th Dec. 4th Nov. 6th
AE ZIPs 094-098 Dec. 18th Dec. 11th Dec. 11th Nov. 6th
AA ZIP 340 Dec. 18th Dec. 11th Dec. 11th Nov. 6th
AP ZIPs 962-966 Dec. 18th Dec. 11th Dec. 11th Nov. 6th


USPS International Packages

Int’l Mail Destination Priority Mail Express Int’l Priority Mail Int’l First-Class Pkg Int’l Service
Africa Dec. 8th Dec. 1st Dec. 1st
Asia/Pacific Rim Dec. 15th Dec. 8th Dec. 8th
Australia/New Zealand Dec.15th Dec. 8th Dec. 8th
Canada Dec. 15th Dec. 8th Dec. 8th
Caribbean Dec. 15th Dec. 8th Dec. 8th
Central & South America Dec. 8th Dec. 1st Dec. 1st
Mexico Dec. 15th Dec. 8th Dec. 8th
Europe Dec. 15th Dec. 8th Dec. 8th
Middle East Dec. 15th Dec. 8th Dec. 8th

Grocery Delivery at All Star Resorts

We are sorry, but we must deliver all groceries in person at All Star Resorts due to new guidelines and management at bell services. Only Disney vendors are able to leave groceries with bell services. These resorts have smaller grocery holdings areas than other resorts.We can still serve all Disney resort at this time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

New Halloween Baskets 2018

Trick or Treat! New Halloween themed baskets while supplies last! Disney Halloween plush can be exchanged for Mickey, Goofy, Donald, or Minnie mouse while supplies last. Candy may vary depending on what is available. Each basket will be wrapped and tied with a bow! Prices range from $7.00 to $75.00 . Add-ons include: Halloween Mylar Balloon ($3.58), Halloween Magic Band ($27.99 + tax), Lanyard ($14.99 + tax), Halloween Pin ($14.99 + tax). (Plus our service fee if no other services being used). #FairytalePersonalShopper #MickeysNotSoScaryHalloweenParty #MNSSHP #MagicKingdom #WaltDisneyWorld