Payments and Fees

Fairytale Personal Shopper will send an invoice through PayPal for all payments. Additional fees may be added with the use of PayPal due to the currency exchange which is beyond our control. Payment is expected prior to us providing a gift basket, shipping, or arranging groceries/non-groceries. A service fee of $20.00 is charged regardless of how many parcels or services combined per delivery to you plus a 2.9% fee to cover PayPal.
If our prices ever change at Fairytale Personal Shopper we will provide adequate notice and honor orders already placed, purchased, and paid. Price changes are also possible with our suppliers at any time and are beyond our control. If a price has changed, we will do our best to notify you with a confirmation of this change via the email address you have provided prior to purchase of items. You may incur a higher priced invoice if the item(s) have not been paid yet. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.