Gift Baskets/Boxes/Bags

We would love to work with you to put together any gift box/bag/or basket to have available upon your arrival. Fairytale Personal Shopper cannot guarantee delivery to your room prior to your arrival and it will be delivered to your resort prior to that time. We will do our best to request in room delivery with bell services to hope they will have it in your room if you request this. I have previous experience in display designs with a major retail store and will customize each basket/box/bag to meet your requests, as long as items are available. Prices are individualized due to each basket/box/bag being personalized for most baskets. Prices are what it costs to purchase the items plus the $20.00 service fee, no hidden costs or fee. Looking for something specific – Just let us know!
Sample pictures of some recent baskets are on the Home page. Please contact us at for a quote.
Travel Agents: Contact us for a special delivery rate and a few specific baskets just for you so we can leave a special Thank You gift from you to your client!