Broken Spirit

What should I do? Clients wrongfully put a PayPal complaint against me for not receiving their merchandise from Physicians Formula when they could not order from overseas. I handed them their parcel along with groceries and items were missing from Physcians Formula. I followed up for them and received the missing items and shipped them. $186.00 They also had candy I could not find. Also candy in a box that was melted with bugs. All of this was beyond my control. Yes I refunded them the cost of the candy which I thought was the right thing and they difference in the makeup refund and shipping. Still they pressed for the whole $186.00 . I shipped the item and it is stuck in the Royal mail. I followed up with an inquiry with the Royal Mail when it said the parcel was out for delivery on the 29th of May.
People like this make me sad. To take money from someone is wrong when you received service, groceries, and your items. Breaks my heart and makes me want to stop.
No, this isn’t good business to post but when you have been wronged so badly it hurts when your heart has been in the right place. I did nothing wrong but try to do the right thing. My spirit is broken today.

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